However you want. There's no limit! Get creative. It doesn't have to cost anything. Simply think of a kind thing to do, go do it, and leave a note behind with the hashtag #restoringkindness. Scroll down to download your own #restoringkindness postcard to leave behind.


When we focus on others and restoring their lives, our world becomes a better place. Imagine the possibilities if we all decided to start #restoringkindness, doing kind deeds for others and expecting nothing in return.


Wherever you live! We are challenging our each of hometowns and all the surrounding communities all over the world to take part in #restoringkindness. Kindness doesn't have an address, it lives wherever we decide to show it!

#RestoringKindness really is contagious!

See how others are #restoringkindness then share your story!

Leave a note!

We want to encourage each other to continue #restoringkindness. So leave a note! Download and print a copy of the hashtag here, or simply leave a hand-written note that includes the hashtag.

Join the movement! Whether you are a recipient of a #restoringkindness act or a doer, make sure you upload your photos and videos. Your ideas could inspire others to start #restoringkindness too!

Click to see the companies that are committed to #restoringkindness in 2016! Are you?!