Get Started Restoring Kindness in Your Community Today!

Join Us Today in Restoring Kindness in YOUR Community!


  • You Company Logo – preferably high resolution .jpg or a .png
  • Your Company’s Website URL (we just want to make sure we get your link right!)
  • Are you on any social media sites? If so, what is your Company’s social media names?

Email your logo, website URL, and social media profiles to so we can get the ball rollin’!



In an email from us, we will include a postcard file that you can send to your local printing company. Print out as many postcards as you’d like! It’ll have the Restoring Kindness logo and YOUR Company’s logo on the back. These are fun to leave behind so the person receiving your Restoring Kindness gesture can pay it forward.

Example of Postcard: Restoring Kindness Sample Postcards

You will also receive a flyer that you can print and handout or display at your office. It explains the campaign and what your mission is by joining. The Restoring Kindness logo and YOUR Company’s logo is displayed on this flyer so all can see that your company is an active participant in the Restoring Kindness Movement!

Example of Flyer: Restoring Kindness Sample Flyer


Would you like to “donate” some of the awesome campaign materials that YOUR company has come up with to Restoring Kindness for others to use?

Did you make a video? A flyer? Or want to share your awesome Restoring Kindness designs with others? Let us know! Email us at and let us know what you’d like to add and how others can use it.

A special THANK YOU to Dalworth Restoration of Euless, TX for donating their Kindness Matters video to Restoring Kindness!

Dalworth Restoration has committed to the Restoring Kindness Movement and being part of the bigger picture. At no cost to you, YOUR Company Name can be added to the end of this Kindness Matters Video! Please let us know if you would like this video and the exact way your company name should be displayed. Sorry no logos at the end, just your company name.